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Where will the Solidarity Airport be built? STH company indicates the preferred location

As announced, the STH company presented before the end of the year the preferred site for the new airport: approx. 41 sq km in the municipalities of Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki. The site was chosen to ensure optimum operational parameters, while avoiding interference with the most populated areas and bypassing the places that are important for local communities, such as churches, cemeteries and monuments.

Information about the preferred location of the airport was communicated firstto the residents of the investment area. Representatives of the STH company visited around half a thousand homes yesterday, reaching every person in the area and holding talks with the parties concerned. That is why these were the residents who learned about the case directly and first. Today, a meeting of the STH Social Council and a press conference about the location were held.

The preferred location of the Solidarity Airport presented today is bounded on the north by the villages of Szymanów and Kaski, on the west by the villages of Maurycew in Teresin and Aleksandrów in Wiskitki,on the south by Janówek and Stary Drzewicz, and on the east by ul. Południowain Stara Pułapina.

The narrowed area is about 41 sq km in size and occupies the north-western part of an area of about 75 sq km in size from the so-called Area Regulation, which came into force in the middle of this year.

The area of the preferred location of the Solidarity Airport includes the villages:

  • in the municipality of Baranów: Kaski and Nowa Pułapina (in part) and Buszyce, Drybus, Wyczółki, Strumiany Dolne and Górne (in full),
  • in the municipality of Teresin: Elżbietów and Szymanów (in part) and Maurycew, Pawłówek and Skrzelew (in full),
  • in the municipality of Wiskitki: Janówek, Nowy Drzewicz, Nowy Oryszew, Oryszew-Osada and Stary Drzewicz (in part) and Duninopol, Podbuszyce, Podoryszew and Stara Wieś (in full).

In the above area there are about 3800 plots with about 520 residential buildings.

The area was designated on the basis of a multi-criteria analysis that took into account, among other things, technical and business factors and, above all, social and environmental factors. This ensured the correct parameters for the future airport, while at the same time no places important for the local community are located within the area, e.g. religiousbuildings (the church of St. Joseph the Spouse in Baranów and the church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul in Kaski), cemeteries (in Baranów) and historical monuments (e.g. manor house and park in Stary Drzewicz). Both the STH company experts and external consultants, such as master plan, environmental and site survey consultants, as well as the strategic advisor, i.e. IIAC, which manages the Incheon Airport in Seoul, participated in the location determination work.

Today, we have determined the location for the heart ofPoland’snew transport system. By applying social criteria, we have avoided interfering in the most populated areas. We have bypassed churches, cemeteries, monuments and other objects important from the point of view of the residents. We have taken into account environmental criteria, e.g. relating to aircraft noise and interference with rivers. And all this while maintaining the best functional parameters of the airport, he adds.

says Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marcin Horała, the Government Plenipotentiary for the STH.

We are aware that, from the residents’ point of view, the work to determine this location took a long time. However, thanks to them, we managed to reduce interference in the lives of residents as much as possible and to take nature conservation into account to the maximum extent. During the environmental proceeding, which we plan to start next year, the final location will be determined

says Mikołaj Wild, president of the STH company.

The preferred location of the airport will be detailed next year as part of further work on the Master Plan. The final decision on the location of the Solidarity Airport will be determined in the environmentaldecision and then in the location decision. Once it has been issued, the STH company will proceed to acquiring the real properties that are not yet in its possession.

Any information on the preferred location of the Solidarity Airport can be obtained:

  • at the website https://cpk.pl/pl/lokalizacja
  • at the call centre, i.e. at the telephone number +48 539 188 159; the call centre operates from December 16, 2021 to January 31, 2022 – Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00pm,
  • by e-mail at: [email protected]
  • at the information point in Szymanów, at ul. Szkolna 23; the point will operate from December 21, 2021 until the end of January 2022, on Tuesday and Thursday (except Epiphany), from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm (you can fix an appointment via the form available at the website: https://cpk.pl/pl/lokalizacja or via the call centre).

The STH company encourages the residents of the investment area to join the Voluntary Acquisition Programme (PDN) prior to the expropriation stage. Under the PDN you can voluntarily sell the real property or obtain a replacement plot. To date, more than 200 owners have signed up and the first transactions have been completed. The company is being approached by further interested parties and further transactions are in preparation and should be concluded later this year.

By joining the PDN, residents are offered support including, among others: free legal services (e.g. help with regulating the legal status of the real property and notary services), organisation and financing of the move, as well as the opportunity to use the real property even after the sale transaction is made (in selected cases until the start of construction works).

For more information on the PDN, visit www.twojpdn.pl or call 539 188 404.

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Konrad Majszyk

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