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Where will new railway lines and roads be located? Find out and participate in public consultations related to STH

Starting from today, every interested party may use the website at konsultacje.cpk.pl to submit their remarks as to the routes of new railway lines and roads to be constructed as part of the STH project. These new lines and roads will enable shortening travel time and eliminate transport-related social exclusion. Consultations will last until 10 March.

Participants in the consultations may submit their remarks in respect of three parts of the Strategic Location Study (SLS). The first part is the main study that includes such aspects as the basic details concerning the construction of new STH-related railway lines and roads planned in connection with the prospective airport. The second and third parts comprise the graphical part of the study, namely detailed topographic maps in a 1:50 000 scale depicting the routes of railway lines and roads.

We want local inhabitants to have a directinput into our projects, for example with regards to the way in which we will design the prospective STH railway lines. That’s why every comment we receive will be examined in detail by our experts, enabling us to find out which of the proposed changes are valid and can be implemented

said Marcin Horała, the government’s representative for the STH project.

Filling out an online form on the website at konsultacje.cpk.pl is the easiest way of submitting comments on the project, but interested parties can also participate in the consultations by sending their comments by regular mail or handing them in personally in the company’s offices.

The SLS was created as part of the STH company’s preparations for the design and construction of over 1600 kilometres of new railway lines, forming part of 12 railway routes, of which 10 primary ones constitute so-called spokes connecting each region of the country with the STH and with each other, thus eliminating transport-related social exclusion in various areas of Poland.

The document details railway corridors which will form the basis of further study and design work done by STH. Each corridor features variants of routes of each new STH-related line.

The final route of each line will be decided based on the results of social consultations that began today. We have consistently asked the local community for their opinions on the project, as evidenced by the Regional Strategic Consultations that were concluded in the previous year, during which we discussed the new railway lines with members of local governments in each of the 16 provinces of Poland

added Mikołaj Wild, CEO of STH

The STH company presented the SLS project at the Railway Development Congress held on 29 January, with the Polish prime minister in attendance. ‘STH is the core element of our Plan for Sustainable Development and the priority project of our government. I am certain that STH will act as a driving force of the entire Polish economy,’ said Mateusz Morawiecki. Additional footage is available in the video concerning the STH Railway Programme: click

Piotr Malepszak, member of the board of STH responsible for the railway part of the project, the prospective STH-related projects will include a new hub airport servicing Poland and the entire Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a network of new railway lines (including sections meeting the High-Speed Rail standard) that will enable reaching the STH from most of Poland’s major cities within no more than 2.5 hours

The STH Railway Programme will enable passengers to considerably cut down on their travel times. Reaching the new Solidarity Airport from the capital will take 15 minutes, while passengers travelling from Łódź will arrive at the airport in under 30 minutes. Trains from Wrocław and Poznań will reach Warsaw in under2 hours, whereas travelling between Kraków and Katowice will take as little as 35 minutes. Towns such as Jastrzębie-Zdrój and Łomża, which currently cannot be reached by train in any way, will be connected to the railway network.

Each of the 10 ‘spokes’ leading to STH will comprise newly-constructed sections of tracks and renovated or modernised parts of existing infrastructure. The Solidarity Transport Hub company will be responsible for the construction of new sections, whereas PKP Polish Railways will be responsible for the modernization of existing infrastructure.