The STH Social Council has been launched. Investor's dialogue with residents is ongoing

At today's first meeting, the Social Council for the Solidarity Transport Hub has elected a chairman and deputies and has set priorities for future actions. The Council is to advise, among others, during the process of taking over the real properties and to specify the municipal investment priorities which could be supported and co-financed by the STH Company.

The Social Council for the Solidarity Transport Hub was composed of representatives of three municipalities: Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki, at the area of which the construction of the airport is planned. At today's meeting in Baranów, which began at 5:00 p.m., the members of the Social Council elected the chairman: Roberta Pindor from the Baranów municipality. The following persons were indicated in the vote as the two vice-chairmen: Artur Konarski from Wiskitki and Tomasz Tonder from Teresin.

In accordance with the rules of procedure of the Social Council, the content of which was agreed between the Government Plenipotentiary for the STH and the Management Board of STH as well as local authorities and NGOs, today's inaugural meeting was convened by the MunicipalityHeads of Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki. Previously, the councilors from these municipalities selected the 15-person composition of the Social Council. The Baranów Municipality Council indicated its representatives on 28 March, Wiskitki selected its five representatives on 20 May and Teresinon 23 May.

I would like to reconcile the planned investment with the interest of the residents to the greatest possible extent. Of course, we are not able to decide about it from behind the desk in Warsaw, therefore the Social Council will play such an important role. I intend to make the best effort to ensure that the investment process is carried out in compliance with the needs of the residents.


Today's meeting is crucial not only because it is the first meeting of the STH Social Council, but also because its representatives have agreed on their action priorities.


The Social Council shall, among others, advise the Company on issues related to the acquisition of real properties, presenting its recommendations on the manner of their buyout.

I am convinced that cooperation with the Council will enable us to plan the related activities in a manner that takes into account the expectations of the residents. We hope that the Council will also vote on the expected directions of development of the municipalities of Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki. The result of this cooperation will be the preparation of a corporate social responsibility programme by the company, the direct beneficiaries of which will be local residents


Rafał Garpiel, an expert with experience in the field of social dialogue involving investors, local governments, local communities and NGOs, acts as the coordinator of the Social Council and has been appointed by the Government Plenipotentiary for the STH and the management board of the special purpose vehicle. The coordinator shall attend the meetings of the Council and is in charge of the exchange of information between the Council, the Government Plenipotentiary for the STH and the company. The Chairman of the Social Council elected today is responsible, among others, for preparing a list of issues to be discussed during its meetings, taking into account the proposals of its members and the coordinator.

The Council will advise Mikołaj Wild, the Government Plenipotentiary for the STH, and the STH special purpose vehicle managed by Piotr Malepszak on issues of relevance to local communities. The investment requires the acquisition of land currently held by private owners for the benefit of the State Treasury. As part of the preparations for the construction, the STH company assumes holding negotiations with the owners, which will be possible after precise determination of the investment boundaries.

For the needs of the STH, at present works are in progress on securing, in the resources of the State Treasury, replacement real properties of various types corresponding to the needs of the residents of the investment site. More precisely, the real properties are being identified and analysed in terms of their suitability as replacement land. Parcels managed, among others, by the State Forests, the National Agricultural Support Centre, the Military Property Agency and the National Real Property Resources are taken into account.

According to the PwC report of April this year, the Polish aviation market has one of the biggest growth potential across Europe, and the construction of the hub near Warsaw is justified, among others, by traffic forecasts and the assumed rate of return. According to the study by Baker McKenzie and Polityka Insight of May this year, the creation of the STH may bring Poland from 4 to 7% of GDP growth. According to the estimates of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the construction of the STH will result in creation of a total of almost 150 thousand jobs, including approx. 40 thousand in the direct vicinity of the transfer hub and approx. 110 thousand in the branches of the economy related to the investment.

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