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Strategic Location Study. Subsequent important stage of the CPK investment planning

Corridors for new railway lines and express roads in the area of 630 municipalities in various parts of Poland. Almost 160 thousand votes from residents and local government authorities. In total, almost 2 thousand pages of studies and appendices. The Strategic Location Study of the CPK was adopted. Preparations for the construction of the CPK investment are entering a new stage.

The Strategic Location Study of the CPK Investment (SLS) following the strategic environmental impact assessment (SEIA) was adopted by Marcin Horała, the Government Plenipotentiary for the CPK.

The SLS is based on corridors of future railway lines with a total length of almost 1,800 km. In the first version of the SLS, designers developed for these lines more than 10 thousand kmof options, i.e. 200 times as many as have been built in Poland after 1989 and 2.5 times  as many as all existing motorways and express roads in our country. As part of two stages of the nationwide consultations, residents reported almost 160 thousand comments and requests (it is threetimes as many as the total number of places on the PGENational Stadium in Warsaw).

So far, these have been the largest public consultations held in Poland. The number of 160 thousand votes means such a scale as if all residents of e.g. Bytom or Rybnik, and more than of Opole or Płock, have had their say on the CPK railway and road investments. The SLS consultations prove that we act transparently.


Publication of the SLS is another important milestone of our project. The strategic environmental impact assessment makes it possible to look at the investment programme as at a certain whole. Thank you for all the comments you have sent us. Owing to them, our investments will be better adapted to societal expectations and environmental requirements. At the same time, we already invite you to actively participate in the consultations concerning specific locations of the investments prepared by us. The voice of residents and social organisations enables us to better meet the tasks assigned to us


The SLS is one of the key documents of the CPK Programme. Its main objective is to set out basic assumptions for the construction of the airport together with the railway node, including its location, as well as to define the route of corridors for the planned new railway lines and roads.

In February last year, the CPK company presented for public consultations the first version of the document which included the plans of the corridors forming the spatial framework for the so-called routings, i.e. the determination of the proposed routes for new railway lines. Their routes have not been established yet – this will happen at the subsequent stages of the investment, in particular as part of the prepared agreements for feasibility studies (STEŚ).

During the first round of the SLS arrangements, which took place from 10 February to 10 March 2020,over 146 thousand comments were reported by residents and local government authorities. On this basis, the CPK company published in August last year a report referring to the corridor notifications for the CPK investments. In such a form, with transport corridors locally expanded under the influence of comments and proposals of the residents, the draft SLS underwent a strategic environmental impact assessment (SEIA).

Within the framework of the SEIA, the second stageof public consultations took place from 30 November to 31 December 2020. During these activities, residents were able to familiarise themselves with the modified draft of the SLS (taking account of a part of comments from the first stage of the consultations), as well as with the environmental impact forecast prepared for this draft. As a result, the CPK company received nearly 13 thousand further comments and requests.

The adoption of this document significantly approximates the CPK company to the stage of determining the location options of the investment, applying for the environmental decision and ultimately for designing. During the preparation for construction of the CPK railway spokes, the priority is to minimise the impact of the investment on people and the environment.

The SLS covers investments concerning:

  • the airport with an integrated communication hub,
  • railway associated investments consisting of new sections of railway lines and research infrastructure,
  • road investments, the construction of which involves the creation of the CPK,
  • other associated investments, such as power lines and substations, systems for transmission and storage of fuels or transfer hubs integrating new stations and railway stops with public transport.

Consultations as part of two SLS stages were held in order to verify the expectations of residents and local government authorities regarding the planned CPK investments, to know their opinions on this matter and finally to adapt the planned investments to their needs. All reported comments will be taken into account during the next steps of the planning and design procedure.

The next stage will be consultations as part of feasibility studies (STEŚ), the final result of which will be one selected investor option as a key contribution to obtaining the environmental decision.

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