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Strategic Location Study of the STH together with the environmental impact forecast. Participate in consultations

The Solidarity Transport Hub shall launch public consultations prior to the adoption of the document entitled: “Strategic Location Study of the Solidarity Transport Hub Investment” together with the Environmental Impact Forecast. The consultations will last until 31 December 2020.

We invite you to the second stage of the public consultations on the Strategic Location Study of the Solidarity Transport Hub Investment”. The first phase of the consultations lasted from 10 February to 10 March 2020. During them, more than 146 thousand votes were sent to the STH company, and these votes were subject to a detailed expert analysis. As in the first stage, we would like to identify as early as possible important conditions that may affect the further investment preparation process – for this purpose we would like to read your opinions, comments and conclusions concerning the draft Strategic Location Study of the Solidarity Transport Hub Investment together with the environmental impact forecast.

The currently presented document includes comments on investment routes and in such form, with locally extended transport corridors, the draft SLS is subject to strategic environmental impact assessment. These consultations are held in accordance with the Act of 3 October 2008 on providing access to information on the environment and its protection, participation of the public in the environmental protection and environmental impact assessments (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 234)

The strategic environmental impact assessment (SEIA) is the procedure to which the draft documents determining the framework for the implementation of investments that may have a significant environmental impact are subject, in accordance with the Polish and EU law.

Railway line routes, verified on the basis of comments from the first round of public consultations, are currently the subject of a parallel process and we make them more precise in the dialogue with locally competent local government units. The meetings are carried out in accordance with the programme of preparatory works included in the appendix to the above mentioned consultation report. The routing variants discussed with the local governments are located inside the extended transport corridors from the currently presented document. The objective of the Environmental Impact Forecast submitted together with the draft SLS is to identify and assess the expected environmental impacts resulting from the implementation of the investment projects indicated in the SLS document. The procedure within the scope of the SEIA and the Forecast itself are aimed at eliminating, at the earliest possible stage, such development proposals, the implementation of which may lead to changes in the environment condition and affect the quality of human life and health.


We look forward to your comments and requests from 30 November to 31 December 2020.