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CPK: Words turned into actions, adviser from the far east and railway investment plan for 2020-2034

As part of the competitive dialog, the Company Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) started this week talks with the airports: Incheon in Seoul and Narita in Tokyo to select CPK's strategic adviser. Today, it presented the CPK railway investment plan for the years 2020-2034.

The COVID-19 pandemic has no impact on investments such as CPK, which should be continued and we have to implement them. CPK means almost 1,800 km of new railway lines and more than 400 km of new roads. It will make Poland a place for business. Investments such as CPK are the driving wheel of the economy and helped the world in crisis on numerous occasions. We estimate that the construction of CPK will create a total of 150 thousand jobs. CPK is a great opportunity for Poland

Andrzej Duda, President of The Republic of Poland

Large investment programs create tens of thousands of jobs at the time of implementation and several times more after their launch. The United States, China and the European Commission are just setting out their major investment programs aimed at stimulating the economy. CPK is a great opportunity for Polish aviation and rail, but also for each Pole. CPK, together with rail “spokes”, is an opportunity to attract domestic and foreign investment.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister

On Tuesday and Wednesday, a first round of talks takes place as part of the competitive dialog with the airports: Incheon in Seoul and Narita in Tokyo. The strategic advisor is to provide CPK with additional operational and commercial know-how on the efficient management of large transfer airports, which is necessary at the stage of master planning and design.

Since Poland has not implemented investment projects of this scale yet, CPK decided to take advantage of international experience by harnessing in the project the competences and resources held by the administrators of the best organized airports of the world.


Incheon and Narita airports have extensive consultancy experience in various parts of the world. The Seoul AirPort management company participated in airport investment projects in more than 20 locations of the world, including Turkey, Indonesia and Kuwait. Tokyo airport representatives participated in projects of this type among others in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

For the role of the strategic advisor to CPK, we are looking for a global hub manager with experience in international projects related to planning, construction and management of a large transfer airport, including cargo transport


The selection of the strategic adviser is one of the milestones of CPK implementation. The procedure will be completed this year. The agreement will be signed for a period of up to three years as it concerns the planning and design stages of the airport investment project.

In addition to the airport information, CPK has provided today details of the railway investments to be carried out between 2020 and 2034. The investment program of CPK assumes the construction of a network of new railway lines, including high-speed railways, which will connect most regions of Poland with Warsaw and the planned CPK within 2.5 hours.

Preparatory works are planned to be launched already this year for five railway lines with a total length of 563 km:

  • Warsaw – CPK – Łódź – Sieradz – Wrocław – Wałbrzych – Polish border (Poland/Czech Republic)
  • Ostrołęka – Łomża
  • Trawniki – Krasnystaw – Zamość
  • Łętownia – Rzeszów
  • Chybie – Jastrzębie Zdrój – Godów – Polish border (Poland/Czech Republic)

These investment projects will be prepared first in order to commence construction works in 2023. The schedule assumes that before the end of 2023 the following should be in progress: earthworks, construction works (in the scope of selected disciplines), works on removal of conflicts with underground infrastructure and preparation of the area for the main works.

The Company’s goal for the next months will be to present technical solutions for selected lines, e.g. construction of new railway lines through selected areas on trestle bridges or in tunnels. This year, the first environmental surveys are to be commenced, which will constitute the basis for implementation of the procedure of the environmental impact assessment.

Some large cities, such as Jastrzębie-Zdrój and Łomża, today have no railway connections. CPK rail investment projects, which aim to combat transport exclusion, are a unique opportunity to finally restore rail to many regions in Poland.


CPK railway investment projects plan consists of a total of 12 routes, including 10 so-called spokes running from various regions of Poland to Warsaw and CPK. In total, there are 30 investment tasks and 1,789 km of new railway lines, the investor of which is CPK, and which are to be completed by the end of 2034.

The construction and operation of the CPK Airport will give a powerful boost for the economy, the labor market and economic growth. The CPK project involves a stable schedule of planning, designing and construction of infrastructureinvestment projects scattered throughout Poland, which will be a boost to hundreds of companies and sectors, giving tens of thousands of jobs.

The concept of the preparation and construction of CPK Airport foresees that CPK will create a total of almost 150 thousand jobs, of which about 40 thousand related directly to the operation of the hub and another 110 thousand within the economic sectors related to the port, e.g. in the logistics, tourism, hotel, developer, trade and services sectors.

The airport industry is a major stimulus for the labor market in many parts of the world. According to the Investor’s estimates, about 20 thousand people will find jobs at the peak period of construction of the new terminal at Changi airport in Singapore. With the launch of Barajas airport in Madrid, as many as 300 thousandjobs were created (directly and in related industries) and Charlesde Gaulle airport in Paris contributed in the same way to the creation of almost 200 thousand jobs.

CPK will be an airport in Europe meeting the highest sanitary and epidemiological standards. By introducing the latest available solutions, already at the planning stage, Poland has the chance to create an airport that the passengers will trust. The so-called greenfieldinvestment, planned from scratch, has a huge advantage over airports which have been developed decades ago when many epidemiological risks have not yet been accounted for.

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