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CPK starts to buy real property for the future airport

The principles of the Volountary Acquisition Programme, i.e. the acquisition of land for the CPK, were presented by Marcin Horała, the Government Plenipotentiary for the CPK. Since today, all parties interested in selling land from the designated area may apply to the CPK company. The acquisition of plots will take place until 2023.

The beneficiaries of the Volountary Acquisition Programme (PDN) are all owners, co-owners and perpetual usufructuaries of the real property from the indicated area of the future investment.

Despite the COVID-19 epidemic and as announcedearlier, we are launching the Volountary Acquisition Programme this year. At the same time, we would like to check whether the residents of the CPK investment area are willing to sell or replace their real property.


We are waiting for applications from the residents who are interested in selling their real property on market terms for the purposes of the CPK. This meets the expectations of those owners who, knowing the CPK investment plans, want to change their place of residence today without waiting for the location decision


As part of the Programme, the company will acquire real property from the area located west of Warsaw, between the cities of Żyrardów, Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Sochaczew. This area is limited: from the south by the A2 motorway, from the west by national road No. 50, from the north by the Szymanów village and the Pisia River, and from the east by the Pisia Tuczna River and Baranów.

The basic principles on which the Volountary Acquisition Programme is based assume the volountariness of both parties to the transaction and the transparency of the procedure, of course by guaranteeing the seller the confidentiality of specific negotiation processes. The value of each real property will be determined by independent experts on the basis of valuation reports.

A special form via which interested real property owners may apply to sell land is available on the www.cpk.pl website. An applicant wishing to participate in the Programme should indicate whether it is interested only in selling its real property or also in replacing it and, if so, in what real property it is interested.

The owners of the real property located on the future construction site will also be able to replace it with other real property currently in the resources of the State Treasury, including:

  • National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR),
  • State Forests,
  • Military Property Agency (AMW),
  • National Property Resources (KZN),
  • starosts and presidents of cities having county rights.

For this purpose, the real property of the State Treasury located in 47 poviats (32 poviats from Mazowsze and 15 from the Łódzkie Voivodeship) are taken into account today. The real property may be replaced either with a real property of similar or identical function and of not less surface area and not less suitability for agricultural or forestry production (and not less value), or with a real property of different function and not less value (also building or premises property).

Applications to the Programme may be submitted by sending a filled in form: by e-mail to the address: [email protected], or by mail to the following address: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, Al. Jerozolimskie 134, 02-305 Warsaw – with an annotation: Program Dobrowolnych Nabyć[Volountary Acquisition Programme]. Each Addressee applying for the Programme will receive a reply from the CPK.

The CPK company will also enable the interested parties to acquire the real property in a new location while maintaining the existing social ties, i.e. a transfer of the entire resident groups as part of organized relocation. This is a response to the concerns of a part of the residents as to where they would have to relocate. The relocation is a priority for CPK. The company will report the details of the Programme on an on-going basis.

The CPK company intends to acquire as much real property as possible in the form of sale and exchange (civil law agreements). Only to the extent that no agreement can be reached with the real property owners will CPK be able to expropriate the residents against compensation under the location decision.

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