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Centralny Port Komunikacyjny: CPK launched tender for the next key designer

CPK is looking for the Airport Systems Integration Designer (ASID). The scope of works carried out by ASID will become crucial for achieving the optimal operations of the CPK and ensuring its position as the leading hub airport in the Central and Eastern European region.

The tender procedure, which was recently announced, intends to entrust an Airport Systems Integration Designer to carry out works to ensure proper implementation and integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems and Special Airport Systems (SAS) for the CPK airport.

ASID tasks will include, among others, collecting functional and technical requirements for all ICT/SAS systems of the CPK airport and designing their integration. When developing the Systems Master Plan and system integration design, it is important to comply with the concept of operations, cybersecurity requirements and  analysis of innovative technological solutions, including e.g. biometrics or data management and analysis. Which means, that the scope of works will be very broad and the responsibility very high

Karolina Pracz, Airport Systems Integration Project Leader at CPK, says.

The task correctly performed by the ASID will become the basis for further design and execution activities for the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny. The products developed by the ASID are intended not only to enable design, delivery and implementation of ICT/SAS systems by other companies, but also to partly become the basis of design for Master Architect (MA), Master Civil Engineer (MCE) and Supporting Infrastructure Designer (SIE).

ASID services are necessary to ensure high-performing airport operations, passenger and aircraft processing, energy management and reliable safety systems. All these features are closely interconnected and require advanced ICT solutions at the future CPK. The CPK Program’s requirements focus on modern technologies, safety, sustainability and passenger satisfaction. Real-time information exchange between systems is crucial to achieving these goals and that generates the need to hire the Airport Systems Integration Designer

The ASID will be selected under an open tender procedure. Details can be found on the SmartPZP platform [https://portal.smartpzp.pl/cpk/public/postepowanie?postepowanie=29419927]. The closing date for submission of tenders is 14.07.2022.

Konrad Majszyk
Konrad Majszyk

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