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Rolling stock for CPK. Consultations with railway passenger operators have been startedRolling stock for CPK

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny invites railway passenger operators for rolling stock requirements consultations. The goal is to specify the functional and technical features for new high-speed rolling stock. CPK plans to establish a rolling stock company and purchase over 100 electric multiple units, which will then be made commercially available for passenger operators as so-called rolling stock pool.

All passenger operators interested in participating in CPK consultations are asked to send their applications by January 31, 2024 to the e-mail address: [email protected]

The purpose of those consultations is to take into account the expectations and needs of both passengers and operators, and to adapt the planned high-speed trains to the dynamically developing rail transport market in Poland.

CPK plans to establish a rolling stock subsidiary, which will purchase and make rolling stock commercial available under long-term contracts. Similar ROSCO (Rolling Stock Operating Company) companies operate in many European countries, e.g. in Great Britain.

Railway passenger operators, based on their wide knowledge and experience, will contribute to determining the target of the technical and functional requirements for the rolling stock which then can be used by them.

The assumptions for the new CPK rolling stock are defined, among others, by ‘The concept of providing passenger rolling stock in conjunction with the CPK program implementation’, i.e. the so-called rolling stock resolution, adopted by the Council of Ministers in October last year.

According to the assumptions, the new rolling stock should meet a numerous of technical and functional requirements for improving travel comfort and the quality of connections for high-speed rail travelers in Poland.

The consultation will result in a report with recommendations for the ROSCO company regarding the functional and technical features of the HS rolling stock. These consultations are the next stage of CPK’s dialogue with the market. CPK announced consultations on rolling stock solutions for passengers with special needs in December last year.

The above actions are carried out independently of the Horizontal Timetable (HT) project, for which the consultation process in details will be provided at a later date.

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