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Report on the public consultations on the Strategic Location Study is already available

The Nationwide consultations on the Strategic Location Study of the CPK were held from 10 February to 10 March this year. Thank everyone who participated in them. Your comments will enable us to improve the study and design works as part of subsequent stages of preparation to the investment.

It was possible to take part in the consultations in several ways: fill in the Internet form on the konsultacje.cpk.pl website, send comments by e-mail or traditional mail, or submit them in person at the registered office of the Company.

As a result of the consultations, the CPK company received more than 32.5 thousandvotes by means of an electronic form, more than 2 thousandvotes by e-mail, and more than 45 thousand paper documents (including single comments, printed forms and standpoints: group and those of local government units or representatives). In total, CPK received more than 146 thousand votes by various channels.

The purpose of the SLS consultations was to gather an opinion on the proposal to route corridors with a width of several to several dozen kilometres, in which the routes of railway lines with a total length of approx. 1,800 km and road investments with a total length of approx. 400 km will be designed.

Apart from the corridor boundaries, the maps made available by the CPK Company as part of the SLS design present approximate initially proposed routes of new railway lines and roads, the final shape of which has not been determined so far. Therefore, the authors of the report did not refer to individual comments and suggestions of changes in the railway line route, the inclusion of which, in the form of an adjustment of the route, would be withinthe boundaries of the SLS corridor.

The second stage of the public consultations on the entire CPK investment programme will be the procedure with the participation of residents conducted as part of the strategic environmental impact assessment (SEIA). During these activities, residents will be able to familiarise themselves with the modified draft of the SLS taking account of the result of the consultations, as well as with the environmental impact forecast prepared for this draft.

The persons interested in the CPK investment plans may therefore commentagain the proposals for the route of the linear investment corridors. The SLS version submitted for the strategic environmental impact assessment shall be prepared taking into account the comments from this year’s SLS consultations.

The railway line route variants have been the subject of talks since July this year as part of meetings of CPK’s experts with representatives of municipalities, through the area of which the investments selected for implementation pass first and for which the so-called nature inventories will be carried out within the next weeks. In total, it covers 560 km of 1,800 km of the planned new lines, including Warsaw – Łódź – Sieradz – Kępno – Wrocław services and Katowice – Jastrzębie-Zdrój – RP border – Ostrava design).

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