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Patryk Felmet joins STH Management Board

The qualification procedure for the position of a member of the management board in the Solidarity Transport Hub company has been completed. By decision of the Supervisory Board, as of 9 April 2021 Patryk Felmet will be responsible for building relations with the environment, image-focused activities, real estate management and marketing strategy. This change means a reduction in the number of the management board members as compared to the beginning of the year.

We are entering the next stage of the STH programme. Although its coverage is Poland-wide, we focus on the residents of the region surrounding the future Solidarity Airport. Therefore, we plan to intensify contacts, arrangements and consultations with local communities. At the same time, we see that our project is increasingly gaining ground. Therefore, we need to intensify business and image-focused activities and use more energy to build relationships with financial market representatives


So far, marketing, communication and relations with the investment environment and real estate management have been separated. Following the departure of the persons in charge, Patryk Demski and Sylwia Matusiak, those competences were concentrated in a single post. This made it possible to reduce the number of the management board members – within 2 months the number of the members was reduced from five to four.

To date, Patryk Felmet has been dealing with marketing, among others, of Port of Gdańsk, where he was responsible for promoting the image of the Port and its counterparties on the international scene. He opened the first commercial office in the history of Polish ports on another continent – in Asia, he cooperated with representatives of the transport industry from, among others, Africa, Western Europe or both Americas.

Later, as the head of Lotos Group marketing, one of the largest advertisers in Poland, he managed multi-million advertising and sponsorship budgets. He was responsible not only for the implementation of the marketing strategy or image-focused campaigns, but also for intense support, among others, for sales in the Lotos stations during the pandemic and extensive CSR activities. One of the first tasks at the new position will be no other than the implementation of a social action plan which will strengthen the relationship between STH and residents.

Real estate management at this stage of the project is of key importance – both at the social, investment and construction level. These areas are intertwined, and, therefore, this is a major challenge in many fields – operational, legislative and image-focused. STH needs some kind of “Reason to Believe” among national stakeholders, but also powerful global communication. Building business relations at the international level is a complex process, but always subordinate to planning and implementing activities that meet the expectations of local communities. The social involvement of STH is one of the most important elements of this investment. The STH is to be created in accordance with the “Think globally, act locally” principle

Patryk Felmet is a graduate of, among others, the international programme of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and London School of Public Relations. He holds a diploma of Executive MBA, studies conducted by the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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