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New roads to the CPK airport. CPK and gddkia signed a cooperation agreement

The widening of the A2 motorway between Warsaw and Łódź and Warsaw Metropolitan Area Ring Road are the most important road investments related to the CPK. Today, CPK Company and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways have signed an agreement in this matter. Both institutions will carry out investments in common corridors, coordinate works and synchronize schedules.

In the agreement signed today, CPK and GDDKiA undertook to exchange data on an ongoing basis, e.g. technical documentation and to maintain a continuous contact of the working teams performing planning, design and construction works. Close cooperation between the two entities is intended to help make optimum investment decisions.

– Investments are a team game. Cooperation, i.e. daily work and continuous information flow between CPK and GDDKiA, will be needed to create a new airport and the related road system. Today’s event is a proof that we perceive the transport system of Poland as a coherent whole and not as a set of independent elements. The CPK investment project has provided an impetus to enhance cooperation between two government investors


According to the governmental CPK investment preparation and implementation concept, the planned projects related to the construction of a new transfer hub include the extension of the network of express routes and motorways.

As an international communication hub, CPK will require the adaptation of a coherent road component. Poland needs a coherent communication system and the role of GDDKiA is to create coherence of road connections and find new solutions. Today we look in common at investments, share experience and knowledge with CPK learn from the mistakes made and provide in common communication between Poland, Europe and the World. Only a common perspective on transport can give us what everyone expects – fast, smooth and safe, door-to-door transport


Despite the possibility of comfortable access by railway, most of the passengers will reach the CPK by car. Therefore, we have been cooperating with GDDKiA from the beginning. Today, this cooperation is entering a new stage. Acting together, we can better respond to the needs of the residents and reduce the nuisance associated with the investments. The possibility of carrying out investments, e.g. in common corridors, is an advantage for the GDDKiA, for the CPK and, first and foremost, for residents, drivers and passengers


The government’s assumptions are that at the time of the opening of the CPK Airport, the A2 motorway will already have been widened at the section: Łódź PółnocKonotopa, i.e. from the crossing with the A1 motorway near Łódź to the boundary of Warsaw. On the section from Łódź Północ node to Pruszków, GDDKiA will build a third lane, and on the section from Pruszków to Konotopa – a fourth traffic lane in each direction.

GDDKiA will also be responsible for construction of Warsaw Metropolitan Area Ring Road (OAW), i.e. the so-called motorway ring at a distance of about 40-50 km from the capital. The OAW shall consist of: the A50 motorway south of the current A2 route and the S50 express route which will connect the northern Mazowieckie Province area with the new central airport. The investment will enable takeover of the transit traffic and unloading of the road system in the area of Warsaw. The GDDKiA and CPK plans take into account the road network node for the operation of the CPK Airport.

An element of the road plans related to the CPK is also the S10 express route towards the Warsaw Metropolitan Area Ring Road and the CPK from the side of Płock and Toruń. Ultimately, this route will connect Warsaw with Szczecin.

From 10 February to 10 March this year CPK Company held consultations concerning the Strategic Location Study (SSL). The purpose of this document was to define corridors for railway and road investments. However, the SSL does not yet determine the location of the routes. The designated corridors will be the basis for further study and design works.

Involving residents in the planning process already at an early stage should allow for development of detailed solutions in accordance with the neighbors of the investment project and in compliance with their opinions. Arrangements on the final route of roads and railway lines will be made at further stages of the investment process, i.a. after holding public consultations with communes planned for this year, as well as detailed technical and environmental analyses.

All comments concerning the SSL will be thoroughly analyzed and summarized in a report which CPK will present by the end of June this year.

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