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Łukasiewicz as technological partner for the Solidarity Transport Hub

STH and the Łukasiewicz Research Network have signed a framework co-operation agreement. It assumes that the results of Łukasiewicz's scientific and research work can be used in the design and construction of the STH. All this is to serve the development of innovative technical and technological solutions for, among others, airport, railway or aerotropolis construction investments.

Co-operation with the Łukasiewicz Research Network is intended to provide the Solidarity Transport Hub with research and development facilities and, ultimately, to stimulate the emergence of new technologies that will have a positive impact both on implementation of the STH and on competitiveness of the Polish economy. The co-operation of both entities assumes the use of Łukasiewicz’s research potential in such promising areas as, for example, smart logistics infrastructure, modern building and construction materials or land and air transport risk information management systems.

Megaprojects are not only a positive stimulus for the GDP, economy and labour market, but also a boost for science and innovation. Given the scale of the challenges in our programme, we need to keep a close eye on the latest technological trends and, based on these, search for effective solutions, sometimes not previously practised. This requires co-operation with top-class specialists, so that the search for innovation does not become “art for art’s sake”. Thanks to co-operation with the Łukasiewicz Research Network, we gain access to the knowledge and resources of the best scientific institutes in Poland. This way we gain an opportunity to take advantage of the achievements of Polish science to support the transformational nature of the STH programme

said Mikołaj Wild, president of the STH Company.

Łukasiewicz Institutes have the potential to carry out multidisciplinary projects in the areas of transport, logistics, aviation, automation and ensure new materials in partnership with large-scale enterprises. We want to make use of our know-how by acting as an R&D facility for the Solidarity Transport Hub. There are already dozens of projects in our portfolio that have implementation potential, and this is just the beginning of Lukasiewicz’s capabilities, with a group of over 4,500 scientists and engineers behind it. We are looking forward to the co-operation with STH and new development opportunities, which the implementation of this project opens for the Polish economy

stressed Piotr Dardziński, president of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

Joint STH and Lukasiewicz projects are to be partly financed by EU funds under the Horizon Europe programme. In the race to obtain European funding, both parties to the agreement will be supported by the Center For Foresight and Internationalization. It is a unit established last year at Łukasiewicz – ORGMASZ, whose task is, among others, to support Polish science through involvement in the implementation of European research projects.

According to the report of analytical company Kearney, by 2040, the investments associated with the STH will generate a total of approx. 290,000 new jobs, 780 billion PLN of added value (increase in the value of goods in a given period is described) and almost a trillion PLN of increase in production.

Konrad Majszyk
Konrad Majszyk

Press spokesman

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