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Local governments: green light for the Area Regulation

Yesterday, the Joint Committee of the Government and Local Government settled doubts concerning the draft of the so-called Area Regulation. The Committee gave its positive opinion on the design which will enable quicker, more efficient and safer preparation of the investment. The document covers a number of benefits for the residents, local governments and the investor, which does not interfere with the daily lives of the residents.

The Area Regulation is a document that indicates the maximum area where the CPK Airport will appear together with an integrated railway and road hub. The delegation of the Council of Ministers to issue the Regulation results from the CPK Act, which introduces a number of rules in this area. Thanks to this, the preparation of a new airport will be a faster, more efficient and transparent process, also for the residents of this area.

I am pleased that the draft Regulation has been positively reviewed by the Joint Committee of the Government and Local Government, as this means a common and unambiguous voice on key issues concerning local communities. The draft raised different emotions and doubts, but it was fortunately possible to obtain a common voice of local authorities from all over the country, which clearly indicates the need and sense of such a document for the entire local community.


Yesterday, several dozen of local government officials, gathered at the meeting of the Infrastructure Team, KWRiST (the Joint Committee of the Government and Local Government) issued a positive opinion on the document. This paves the way for further proceeding of the Regulation already at the government stage. Since then, the adoption by the government and the entry into force of a legislative act have been a matter for the coming weeks.

The provisions of the Area Regulation are beneficial for the residents of this area and local government structures. The document provides field protection enabling timely and efficient implementation of the investment. The regulations introduce, among others, the right of preemption of the real property for the CPK company, which will prevent speculative trading of the land from the investment site – unfavourable for both residents and the investor.

The Regulation will allow to reduce the riskofpotential spatial conflicts (it will prevent the areas indicated in the local plans from conflicting with the investment plans). The new regulations will allow for effective performance of survey, including archaeological, geological and natural environment surveys, which should directly translate into acceleration of the determination of the final location of the investment, and finally its implementation.

The draft Regulation is intended to address residents’ proposals that have been reported in recent weeks and months. The positive opinion of the local governments on the draft Regulation is important not only from the point of view of the company. We make every effort to implement the investment in harmony with local communities. In this area there will never be too much action, so we want to intensify even more our communication with residents.


The Regulation addresses the doubts raised by the residents and provided by the local government authorities concerning the investments planned by the CPK company in the area of 74 square km in the area of Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki municipalities. This will allow an early indication of the exact location of the airport together with the additional infrastructure of the railway node.

Residents will also be confident that no building permits will be granted, e.g. for houses, which would collide with investment plans, and therefore would have to be dismantled in a short period of time. They will also not be victims of land speculation, which could take place without introducing the pre-emption right for the company.

The Regulation of the Council of Ministers on the municipalities on the area of which special principles of real property management, planning and spatial development as well as implementation of public purpose investment in the scope of the CPK will be applied is issued on the basis of the delegation contained in Article 28 and on the basis of the provisions of Article 29 of the Act on the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny.

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Konrad Majszyk

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