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Infrastructure investments in the new EU financial perspective

The completion of “white spots” on the Polish rail will continue for the next two financial perspectives of the EU. We invite you to see the records of the panel “Infrastructure investments in the new EU financial perspective” with participation of Mikołaj Wild on EEC Trends 2020.

Transport infrastructure managers have no doubts – after the pandemic ceases, the load of roads and railway lines will not only return to the previous intensity, but will be even higher. Therefore, despite the decrease in transport last year, they do not foresee any changes in their planned investments.

Does the diagnosis underlying the decision to construct the CPK need to be corrected by a pandemic collapse in the carriage of passengers and goods?

We are not yet at this stage of infrastructure development to refer these questions to us,’ stated Mikołaj Wild, President of the Management Board of the Solidarity Transport Hub.

As Wild argued during the debate “Infrastructure investments in the new EU financial perspective”, held within the framework of EEC Trends, as a result of the pandemic, Poland had lost an “overhang” related to the fact that the decision on this investment had been taken in 2017 and not in 2012-2013, but the development of infrastructure in our country had not yet reached such a level as to question the very purpose of this investment. According to Wild, the supplementation of the railway network in Poland will last even two EU perspectives.

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