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Information from the CPK management board on the audit and communications

Audit activities are underway at the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny to comprehensively assess the Company's performance to date. The audit findings are to determine the future of the CPK Programme’s components, their targets, scopes, and schedules.

All documents, contracts and reports are being verified directly at the Company’s office and at the Government Plenipotentiary for the CPK’s office – Maciej Lasek.

Tender procedures for the selection of external auditors are also underway, e.g., for airport and railway investments, finance, HR, marketing, the Socio-Economic Programme as well as verification of work schedules adopted by the previous management.

The first results of partial reports are likely to be known by the end of March this year, with more to come in the following weeks and months.

We are aware that the public discussion around the CPK today stirs up strong emotions. We are convinced that both the enthusiasts and critics of the CPK project should have access to reliable and credible data. At the same time, we shall inform you that during the audits, communication from the CPK Company is and will be limited.

dr Filip Czernicki, Acting CEO of CPK