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Debate on the Solidarity Transport Hub during the European Economic Congress

During the 12th edition of the European Economic Congress, there will a discussion panel devoted to the STH Program. The debate will be broadcast live in English on September 3rd at 11:30 am.

During the debate, among other things, the following topics will be discussed: impact of the aviation market collapse on the STH construction plan, strategy for the aviation industry and target location of the Solidarity Transport Hub in the European sky and European logistics map as well as changes in the Polish railway transport, also in the context of EU's sustainable transport strategy.

The debate is to be attended by:

  • Krzysztof Celiński, Siemens Mobility CEO,
  • Marcin Horała, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Government Representative for STH,
  • Janusz Janiszewski, acting President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency,
  • Ireneusz Merchel, President of the PKP PLK's Management Board,
  • Jerzy Polaczek, Member of the Polish Parliament, former Minister of Transport,
  • Adam Sierak, editor of WNP.PL portal
  • Artur Tomasik, President of the Management Board of the Polish Regional Airports Association (Związek Regionalnych Portów Lotniczych)
  • Mikołaj Wild, President of the STH Management Board