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Airfield infrastructure planning starts

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny sp. z o.o. has commenced consultations with 35 selected companies and institutions in order to size the new airfield infrastructure. The collection of detailed data on, among others, the number and location of buildings, their surface area and cubic capacity, as well as the number of employees planned for 2027, is part of the work on the Master Plan of the CPK

The companies invited to the consultations include, i.a., Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT, LS Airport Services and Welcome Airport Services handling companies, LOT AMS and LS Technics technical maintenance companies, Poczta Polska, DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT freight forwarding and logistics companies, Orlen and Lotos fuel suppliers, as well as, among others, the Polish Medical Air Rescue, Police, Border Guard, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

The CPK company asked the air service providers and the state institutions about both the inventory of their infrastructure currently present at the Chopin Airport and about the forecasts and expectations for the end of 2027 when the first stage of the CPK is planned to be handed over for operation. The questions concern, among others:

  • Type of buildings
  • Minimum required surface area
  • Number and location of facilities
  • Surface area and cubic capacity of buildings
  • Required vicinity of other infrastructure elements
  • Utilities supply
  • Demad for parking areas and staging areas
  • Number of employees in the facilities.

The information will be collected from the entities involved by 1 July 2020. The CPK company plans that the companies and institutions will receive a summary of this stage of the consultations on 15July.

We invited a broad range of Polish and international entities which will be users of the future airport to take part in the consultations. Owing to that, the CPK company will obtain detailed information on, among others, the preferred location of the facilities, required vicinity, demand for connections and expected number of employees.


The data collected in this way will be processed and used to the extent specified in the conditions of cooperation with the Master Planner. The company is currently conducting a tender procedure in order to select a company to perform this function.

This year, we plan to sign the agreement with the selected Contractor. Then, works on the Master Plan of the airport will commence and will be carried out by the integrated CPK and Master Planner team. We have just started the first of the planned consultations on the infrastructure for purpose of the Master Plan


The 350-page strategic brief of the CPK is an integral part of the preparations for the Master Plan, which systematised the assumptions of the infrastructure elements. It is based on almost 10 thousand comments from almost 150 entities that participated in previous consultation stages this and last year.

At the same time, the concept of the future airport is reviewed by air carriers within the Airport Consultative Committee (ACC), which was set up last year by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in cooperation with the CPK. So far, two meetings took place within the ACC in Warsaw: in July and October last year. Currently, due to the global epidemiological situation, meetings are held online.

Currently a Multiannual Programme is at the stage of government arrangements, which will determine the planned expenditures on the CPK in the following years. The company plans for the next three months also include, among others, the selection of a strategic advisor from among the largest and the best operational hub airports of the world.

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Konrad Majszyk

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