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A tender for construction works on the premises of the Solidarity Port has been launched

The Solidarity Transport Hub company has launched another major procedure. This is a tender that is crucial for the construction of the airport – the first works are to start next year. STH is looking for companies interested in carrying out preparatory works on the Solidarity Transport Hub site.

The aim of the tender is to select up to eight contractors to whom the STH company will commission individual tasks under a simplified tender procedure. The estimated total contract value is over PLN 1.7 billion.

The contract scope includes preparatory works for the construction of the Solidarity Airport, i.e., among others, ground levelling, development of the construction site, construction of temporary facilities, demolitions, connections to the civil engineering infrastructure network for the needs of the investment and other works that do not require preparation of building plans.

Details can be found on the SmartPZP platform. The deadline for submission of tenders is 24 January this year.

“This tender, and ultimately the framework agreement for construction works, is another step that brings us closer to driving the first shovel in 2023. We are counting on the interest of the largest construction companies with experience in significant infrastructure projects,” says Mikołaj Wild, president of the STH company. “Everything according to the schedule. This year we still plan, among others, to apply for an environmental decision, to select the general designer and to continue to acquire real properties,” he adds.

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The contractors’ tasks will also include notifications of construction works and their completion, surveying works and preparation of as-built documentation. The contract also includes numerous accompanying works and services, such as preparing design documentation and technical specifications for the execution and acceptance of construction works, as well as obtaining administrative decisions, arrangements and opinions necessary to carry out the investment.

We assume that the preparatory works will start as soon as possible. The scope and timing of subsequent works will be adjusted to the processes of obtaining administrative decisions and STH acquiring further properties. The completion of the preparatory works will coincide with the start of the main works. This will make it possible to shorten the implementation time and maintain an appropriate pace of the investment process.

says Krzysztof Owczarczyk, director of the STH Airport Programme Implementation Department.

the Company mainly examines conditions and quality criteria, such as the experience of the bidders and the ability to procure construction machinery. In the next step, the offered price and delivery time will play a major role in the implementation of executory contracts.

The framework agreement for construction works is another major STH company tender. In October, a procedure for designing railway investments worth over PLN 7 billion was announced. Further tenders are planned, including a tender for a contract engineer.

In December last year, the company announced its preferred airport location. It covers an area of approximately 41 sq km within the area of three communes: Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki. The area occupies the north-western part with an area of about 75 sq km in size from the so-called Area Regulation, which came into force in the middle of this year.

The Solidarity Airport, as part of the first phase, will have two runways, each 4,000 m long. In the airport part, the investment is at the stage of advanced environmental and terrain studies, preparation of a Master Plan and purchase of real properties, and in the railway part – at the stage of preparation of feasibility studies (FS) for about 1,000 km of planned lines (e.g. Warsaw-STH-Łódź-Wrocław-Czech border) of a building permit design for a long-distance tunnel in Łódź.

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