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A promise of consent from the Civil Aviation Authority for the CPK airport

The President of the Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) has issued a promise of permission to establish a public-use airport – Centralny Port Komunikacyjny near Warsaw. This is another important step for CPK. The document is an assurance that, once the requirements of the Aviation Law have been met, the applicant will be granted permission to establish an airport.

The promise sets out the conditions necessary to obtain a permit to establish an airport and its validity period. The promise constitutes one of the appendices to the application for a location decision, which in turn precedes the application for planning permission.

CPK’s receipt of the promise enables the company to maintain its ambitious schedule. It should be noted that the Minister of Infrastructure approved the Master Plan in June. This was tantamount to setting out a development plan for the new airport until the end of 2060.

In June, the company adopted a conceptual design for the airport and railway station. The public was then shown what the passenger terminal, main railway station and interchange would look like. Around 250 architects and experts from many countries worked on the project, including the master architect, the Foster + Partners consortium.

In July, the Regional Director of Environmental Protection in Warsaw issued the environmental decision for the construction of the CPK airport and rail hub. This was the result of the company’s submission of a detailed environmental report in October 2022. The compilation comprised a total of 20,000 pages and was created as a result of several months of specialised environmental studies.

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny has moved from the planning phase to design and construction. Construction preparatory work has been underway for several months. The company is acquiring more and more space for the future airport.

More than 1,250 owners owning more than 3,550 ha have already signed up for the Voluntary Acquisition Programme, of which deeds are already concluded for around 850 ha. Demolitions and removals are being carried out. Several hundred geological boreholes are also being drilled for design and construction purposes. Their purpose is to test the quality and bearing capacity of the ground.

The CPK airport is expected to be operational in 2028. It is going to have two parallel runways, infrastructure for approximately 330,000 flight operations (take-offs and landings) per year and a terminal adapted to a capacity of up to 40 million passengers per year.

According to forecasts of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the airport could already be handling up to 65 million passengers in 2060, which would mean expanding to three runways and carrying out approximately 450,000 flight operations per year.

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