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1600 km of new lines. CPK Railway Program in government plans

Pursuant to the regulation adopted yesterday by the Council of Ministers, each of the new track sections, through which trains will get to the Solidarity Transport Hub and Warsaw, was assigned a number and included in the list of railway lines of national importance. This is an important step in the preparations for the investments related to the construction of the CPK.

The amendment to the Regulation on the list of railway lines of national importance of April 17, 2013 adopted yesterday by the government includes all connections the construction of which results from the Concept of preparation and implementation of the CPK adopted by the government on November 7, 2017. Details of the CPK Railway Program were presented by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki in the afternoon at the conference at the Łódź Fabryczna station.

The railway part of the CPK Program assumes the construction of 1600 km of new lines from 10 directions to CPK and Warsaw. They will connect the voivodship cities with the capital of Poland and CPK, as well as with each other. They will also ensure the coherence of the national railway network. As part of the zerostage, which should be ready before the CPK Port achieves operational capacity, 140 km of new lines will be constructed: mainly on the Warsaw – CPK – Łódź route. This investment will enable to achieve the travel time from the CPK to Warsaw of 15 minutes and from the CPK to Łódź of approx. 25 minutes.

We are starting to implement very specific plans. Poland has the chance to become the economic center of Central Europe, and CPK, as the largest hub in the business region, the heart of this area

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

It is time to give Polish railways a new impulse for development. We want the inhabitants of all regions in Poland, from towns and villages, to have equal access to the railway so that they can travel comfortably to every part of the country. These investments will ensure the backbone of the transport system of the State. I do not hesitate to say that the CPK is an epochal project

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

The adoption of new provisions will facilitate investment processes under the CPK Railway Program in the future. The total length of the lines of national importance, i.e. justified by economic, social, ecological or defense considerations, the construction of which results from the CPK Concept, is more than 1600 km. Their exact length will be known after completion of conceptual and design works.

The regulation adopted today by the government included the entire planned railway network indicated in the CPK concept, in the list of lines of national importance. This shows how important and universal investment the CPK is. This will not only be a modern hub airport, which is much-needed in Poland and in this part of Europe, but thanks to railway investments also the project which will help to communicate better Poland as a whole

Mikołaj Wild, the government plenipotentiary for CPK

The Deputy Minister gave examples for cities which today are white spots in transport and which are expected to be easier to get to thanks to the CPK investments. These include, among others: Płock, Grudziądz, Łomża, Ostrołęka, Busko Zdrój and Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

This regulation is a milestone on the road towards the implementation of the CPK Railway Program. The benefits of railway investments are undeniable. From over 100 Polish cities, we will be able to get directly to CPK Airport and Warsaw within no more than 2.5 hours. The tasks carried out under the CPK Railway Program will enable us to work for sustainable transport in Poland. Today, it is characterized by insufficient railway development and is based excessively on road infrastructure

Piotr Malepszak, acting CEO of CPK

The adoption of the regulation was preceded by reorganization of the line network indicated in the CPK Concept, assigningthem numbers and determination of the starting and end points. Each of the 10 railway “spokes” leading to the CPK will consist of newsections of the network and repaired or modernized parts of the existing infrastructure. For the purposes of construction of this railway system, investment tasks were divided between CPK which is responsible for construction of new routes, and PKP PLK, which is responsible for modernization of the existing ones. This is the first program for construction of new railway lines in Poland in over 30 years.


High-speed railway sections and spokes leading to the CPK will make the network more coherent and better used. A Multi-Annual CPK Program is under preparation, it will specify what specific airport, railway and road investments will be carried out as part of the CPK operation and what financing will be needed in the subsequent years.


The total length of railway lines in Poland is now over 19 thousand km. Since the early 1990s, more than 5 thousand km of the lines have been dismantled. New investments are needed because railway routes have not been built in Poland on a large scale since the 1980s when the Metallurgy – Sulfur line and previously the Central Trunk Line were completed.