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The general vision is to create an airport which is prudent, well planned, properly designed, efficient for airlines and comfortable for passengers. An airport which has sustainability written in its roots and at the end of the day delivers value for money, while creating a world class facility. The Solidarity Transport Hub will commercially extend beyond its borders and create cohesive space for commerce and transport.

Quick facts about the STH Poland:

  • A fully intermodal transport node – integrated with all types of ground transport, including significant interchange rail station
  • A transfer hub providing sufficient capacity during peak operating periods (waves)
  • Digitally & technology-driven humanized space, with a reasonable WOW! Factor
  • A terminal located between two parallel runways set 2000 meters apart
  • Designed capacity of phase 1 – approx. 40 MPPA between Levels of Service: A to C
  • Modular built to scale up/down the capacity & to speed up the construction process
  • Cost effective – adopting functional design philosophy, while demonstrating character and culture typical for the region
  • Planned & designed for all types of airline business’models: traditional, LCC and charter, able to adopt architecturally divided spaces for different services
  • Ability to accommodate any aircraft type, including code F aircraft
  • Full flexibility with swinging gates to accommodate all traffic types in single facility
  • Creative commerciality which reflects recent trends in consumer habits
  • Handicapped-accessible & family-friendly design approach
  • Minimum walking distances & level changes
  • Intuitive wayfinding provided by the airport’s lucid, flow-through architecture
  • Full of natural light and open spaces, featuring many indoor plant species
  • Environmentally-friendly and energy efficient
  • Designed with a “Silent airport”approach.

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